Mind Blowing Sand Sculptures From ICAT

As India celebrated its 65th year of independence on 15 August 2012; Image college of Arts Animation and Technology organized a sand sculptures show for their students as a part of the Independence Day celebration. Students, with the help of sand artists exhibited their talent by creating sand sculptures with different themes. They showed their patriotism by carving national flag on sand and making sculptures depicting unity and national integrity. It took students nearly three hours to prepare the sculptures.

To the students it was a good opportunity to appease their creativity energies. Their thoughts and ideas eventually took shape at the beautiful marina beach. The sculptures made by the students at the beach were all witnessed by the locals and tourists. Both the students and the people, who visited the beach, enjoyed the event. The event was also aired on the SUN TV.

The waves of sea were of no match to the waves of creative ideas of the students. With a little assistance from their artist, students created quite a spectacle for the people around on the occasion of Independence Day. Pale rays of setting sun with sea waves playing a pleasant symphony gave student a perfect ambience to let their creativity flow. The event was a wholesome learning experience to all the students.

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